Buy the Zoom Festival Pass – Enjoy Being Inspired through the Whole of January!

The Zoom Festival Pass includes a selection of lectures, workshops and dialogues with international and Norwegian yoga teachers starting on January 3, 2021.

Price from January 21-January 31:
500 NOK (Press Book on any class in the pass in order to buy the pass)

You purchase the Zoom pass when you press Book for your first booking of any of the classes in the pass. After having paid once, you can freely book all the other sessions that are included in the pass.

Sign up for as many lectures and workshops that are a part of the Zoom Festival Pass program as you would like, and join our festival Zoom café and dialogues where you meet others. The program is still developing.

The Zoom Festival Pass does not include all the Zoom sessions of the festival. Some of the sessions on January 29-31. you need to pay an additinional fee in order to attend.

See more Zoom workshops and book sessions not included in the Zoom Festival Pass

Let’s enjoy hanging out with our community for a month!

The Zoom Pass Program

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