On this page, you will find an overview of this year´s online classes and workshops.

We will use Zoom as our online platform.

This year, our international teachers will be: 

  • Mark Stephens (Sequencing & Injury Prevention)
  • Chris Kummer (Anatomy)
  • Kayla Kurin (Yoga for Chronic Illness)
  • Yogeswari (Jivamukti Yoga)
  • Montserrat g. Mukherjee (Yoga Therapy)
  • David Keil (Functional Yoga for Your Unique Body)
  • Josephine Selander (Safe knees in Warriors)
  • Simon Borg-Olivier (How to use posture, movement, breathing and mental control to regulate our nervous system, immune system and endocrine system, as well as balancing our energy
  • Magdalena Mecweld and Mats Nielsen (Is yin yoga safe?)

Our Zoom Program (chronological)