Prices and cancellation policy

Prices on site:
Classes (less that 120 minutes): 250 NOK
Workshops (120 minutes or more): 300 NOK
100 NOK for kids yoga

Prices for Zoom classes and workshops:
Classes (less than 120 minutes): 250 NOK
Workshops (120 minutes or more): 300 NOK

Zoom Festival Pass:
The pass gives access to many (but not all) Zoom workshops from January 3-31: 850 NOK
Read about the Zoom Festival Pass Program to see all the lectures and workshops which are included.

In case of a lockdown in January…
If we are unable to host the on-site festival, you will automatically get transferred to the Zoom version of the same class. There is no automatic refund in case of lockdown, but you may write to us prior to your cancelled workshop and ask for a return.

Our surplus is donated to charity
The surplus from the Oslo Yoga Festival is donated to the Dream School, a children’s school in the slums of Bangalore.
The Norwegian charity trust FORUT handles the donation from the Oslo Yoga Festival and oversees the Dream School.

Refund policy
If you are prevented from attending the festival due to illness, injury, quaranteen or any reason, you may

  • change to another workshop (on Zoom)
  • donate your tuition to the Dream School by not doing anything at all
  • give or sell your space to a friend who comes instead of you
  • get your tuition refunded except for a cancellation fee of 200 NOK by contacting